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Patients are usually asked to exercise at a safe level, just beyond their current limits or comfort zone. These exercises are designed to give you the tools to do some of your own beneficial physical therapy. It is our ultimate goal to get the patient to a point where they can maintain themselves by doing their exercises at home or at a gym. Long term goal is to facilitate the ability for patients to be independent and not reliant on us, medication or other treatments. 

When clients go home with an exercise program, caregivers can encourage their clients to do the exercises, and in some cases, aid in this process as long as they follow the guidelines prescribed. Realize that the caregivers are not the ones prescribing the exercises. Many clients get pictures of their physical therapy exercises, and caregivers can go through the pictures with the clients. Oftentimes, care clients respond better to a caregiver than maybe their spouse or family member. Caregivers are also helpful when a client is a fall risk or their balance is off and they still need to get up and walk or get their heart rate or breathing up. 

Also, caregivers are trained to recognize anything unusual with their client, and the caregivers report those changes to their supervisor. That’s the value of the regular interaction between the client and caregiver. They get to know each other, and the caregiver recognizes when something is off.
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