Hometown Wellness

At GTS we realize the importance of continuing with your therapy regimen and exercise plan after your physical therapy sessions have ended. Normally this would be done with a simple home exercise program that you would continue to follow as instructed by your therapist. We realize that our patients could benefit from a more structured environment so we created a Hometown Wellness Program to all former patients. 

This allows patients to continue their exercise plan in a clean, safe, friendly and familiar environment but utilizing the GTS facilities and equipment and being supervised by staff they’ve come to trust. We really believe that continued health and wellness derives from exercise and activity. That’s why we feel strongly that our Hometown Wellness Program allows patients to maintain their function that they have attained with physical therapy intervention. Hometown Wellness is available for a small fee...former patients simply pay $20 per month, which is far less than you’ll find at any gymnasium or health club.

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